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The Lost Kids 2.5

The Lost Kids is a simple platform game with the characters of Southpark
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The Lost Kids is a simple platform game with the characters of the popular cartoon called "Southpark". In case you don't know it, the cartoon is intended for adults more than for kids because the characters behave inappropriately and the language they use is not the best. As expected, the game also has dialogues with vulgar expressions that are not good for kids.

The game is played with three characters. You start playing with one of them, and, if you lose, you continue playing with the next one and so on. Every character has three lives. The thing is that the three characters must reach the exit to get to the next level. To switch characters you must press 1. 2, and 3. Every character has specific abilities that you have to use to complete the levels. The game offers really simple graphics and sounds and a very repetitive music.

In short, I really wouldn't recommend The Lost Kids because it has poor graphics, inappropriate content, and doesn't have much to offer. It is completely free, so you can play it and see this for yourself.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Free


  • Poor graphics
  • Repetitive music
  • Inappropriate language
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